About Me

I am the youngest of 5 boys my birth certificate name is spelled Mich EAL and has the word heal in it.

When I was 9 my Father was diagnosed with a brain tumor and given 6 months to live. My Mother moved out and my life was upended. My Father lived another 5 years post surgery my brothers had come of age and were scattered and at 14 my Father passed away. While in my sophomore year a high school drama teacher mentored me took me to church and inspired me to help others. I attended Dr. Clarice Fluitt's Church The Eagle's Nest and one night I was saved delivered and filled and it made such an impact on me that I made a vow that one day I would help others to experience the same thing.

When I was around 24 years old I walked into a bookstore and saw a book by Bishop Bill Hammond of Christian International Ministries and I said one day I will meet these people. A year later I relocated to a C.I. Church for ministry equipping. While there I served the man of God and the vision as an usher, I was on the arts / dance team and cleaned the church. Within a few years I was promoted to Youth Pastor and I created the Fresh Fire Youth Ministry. Around 1995 I was at a summer youth conference when I had a profound experience with God, while waiting to pray over some youth I felt my body began to shake, vibrate and tingle and a greater anointing came upon me. I could instantly see and relate to the deepest pain in a youths life and whatever they needed from God to be free from it was flowing through me sometimes it was joy other times it was tears. Shortly after this encounter I sensed my time and season for being at this Church had lifted and it was time to move on to what the Lord had for me next. I joined an Assembly of God Church for a brief season and received a wonderful impartation from there but I knew it was not my final destination.

During this season of soaking I began to have prayer meetings in my home on Friday nights and we
would take unsaved people off the streets and bring them into my living room a great Glory would fall and many lives were changed and it was here that the Lord began to teach my about being Word based and Spirit led. It was here that I saw my first miracle when I prayed over a young man and without knowing his condition I put my finger in his ear and said be opened and it did!

About a year after these meetings I decided to take my family at the time to a Dr. Rodney Howard Browne meeting in Tampa to receive an impartation from him which I did. On the way back I remembered hearing of a ministry in Pensacola Florida Dr Christian and Robin Harfouche so we stopped there and received a wonderful impartation and I sensed the Lord saying move here which we did and I received a full 3 year scholarship to attend The International Miracle Institute.

During my second year in Bible College I was invited by a Pastor in Alabama USA to speak and this was my first Miracle Revival where many Signs Wonders and Miracles occurred. I was featured in the paper and an NBC affiliate and speaking engagements began to open up. During the next 5 years of school I was traveling in and out and continued to serve the Harfouche Vision. Around the year 2001 I was sensing another change and my family relocated and by now I was speaking and having extended revivals every week. In 2002 I was speaking in a town in Mississippi called Picayune ( means small insignificant place) and was having people instantly lose weight diamonds appearing and every type of creative healing miracle you can imagine with daily reports of financial miracles. During this time the Sid Roth TV Show It's Supernatural called me to be interviewed and in 2002 I went from a small insignificant place to speaking to the world about my life and the goodness of God.

I was Ordained by a ministry in Canada called Boaz International, Bishop Gary Brooks around the same time and am a licensed and ordained in the office of the Prophet with hands lay on me and by a Presbytery!

I have since spoken in hundreds of churches all with signs, wonders and miracles occurring and all have been extended meetings.

I believe in the Word of God I believe in Faith I believe in God's Provision Goodness and desire to Bless us. I believe that Jesus Christ is our savior and the only way to be saved and obtain salvation is through Him. When I lost my family and was signed over to another that I barely knew at 14 and had my church encounter the same year I decided to make God my Father, Jesus my brother and the Holy Spirit my Mother. These became my new family and what I discovered is that my new family is not normal. If they need a boat but do not have one they can walk on water, if they need money they can put a gold coin in a fishes mouth, if someone needs to be physically healed they can speak it and it happens. These revelations were the foundation for my journey into the Supernatural and are responsible for the vision I have today and teach others. According to

I John 4:17 As He is so are We in this world!

Today I believe has given me the mandate to bring the Next Move of God to the local Church!


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