If you walk with the lord long enough you will have times where he says shut it all down and just be with me. Many ministries cannot do this bc of what they built apart from god and because of finances. I have always chosen to obey in all things and from time to time the lord will cast a new vision or sharpen your focus or birth new things to focus on. There is always a time of manifestation that follows a time of hiddeness it is during the times of hiddeness that he protects you heals you delivers you and brings you into greater revelation of who he really is.Jesus ministry was the same he was either with the father hidden or with the people manifesting the glory that came from being with the father.

What I see in the church today and christianity is we are being so influenced by information. While it is true we are living in the information age we have to be careful not to upload so much information that we become out of balance and are living in information overload and tossed to and fro with every new piece of info vying for our time and attention.The way it works is the enemy tries to make you think you are missing out on something or something is missing from your life so he tempts you with that to distract you from the fact that god has already given us everything we need are we are not lacking in any area, only tempted to believe we are. We see this when god told adam and eve they had everything and they did not knowledge of good (pride) or of evil (sin) so they had no need to partake of what they did not need as they already had everything god knew they needed. God was enjoying walks and talks with them everyday and enjoying hanging out with them getting to know them and allowing them to get to know him better and more intimately every day. The real revelation here is god was trying to keep them from fear sin rebellion disobedience and the temptation he knew was coming by satan to appeal to their curiosity and make them think there was something they were missing by creating doubt and mistrust between them and god. My sense is god was very close to revealing himself in a whole new way but he was being patient gaining their trust and earnestly yearning to become not just their creator but also their friend!
If we closed down every church and every bookstore and cable tv and cell phones and satellites and there were no bibles or internet or social media do you know what we would be left with? God - wanting to walk with you talk with you and show you his love for you and desiring to get to know you and you him as a friend that is closer than a brother!
Hidden in him,
Micheal pipes