There are 13 books here as you highlight the Books tab more options open. These books contain powerful revelations as well as powerful practiful applications. the profiund is made simple and the simple is made profound!


You Matter! The Significance of Insignificance 


The 20 Secret Keys to Unlocking Your Unique Significance

You Matter - The Significance of Insignificance is a revelation of how the big is always concealed within the little. God always chooses the most unlikely or insignificant in man's eyes to accomplish the most significant things. Available in full color! 


Miracle Healing


For anyone wanting to be used in Miracle Healing or for anyone that needs a Miracle Healing.

I wrote this book to teach the truth about what God says about Healing and the various types. In my meetings I have seen every type of miracle and healing imaginable and I highlight some of those in the book hoping to stir your faith in Miracle Healing. 90% of the healings are Miraculous and Instant!

God and Me


For anyone that has been close to God but life's challenges have made you distant but you don't know how to find your way back.

This book contains a revelation that changed my life and reignited my Passion for the things of God after a long season of life tests, trials and tribulations! It is my personal journey of how I came back to God and the level of intimacy that I never knew existed.

Unusual Miracles and the Power of God


For anyone that wants to risk it all to walk on the water raise the dead and take the limits off God.

I wrote this book because I was in a meeting and felt I heard God speak to my inner man and say, " I am going to do some unusual things through you." In the same meetings I began to have people instantly lose weight and diamonds began to appear in the carpet and within a month I appeared on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural which was aired in 60 nations and still plays on their network today!

You Can Do Miracles

ISBN - 978-1460965979

For anyone that desires the miracle ministry and wants to learn the most valuable things I have learned.

I wrote this book/course because I had such a desire to be used in miracle ministry as the disciples were. I remember attending other miracle ministry type meetings when I was younger but no one was teaching the practical things.
this left me frustrated and wanting to learn more about how to apply the Word. This is a book a course, a workbook and a practical study of practical application in miracle ministry and the practical applications that I learned.

Miracle Money


For anyone that wants to learn more about God as Provider and develop faith to believe for Miracles of Provision!

I wrote this book because I had already been seeing all types of Healing Miracles but I was troubled that so many were still struggling financially so I asked God to begin to bless and manifest Miracles of Provison for the people in my meetings! Read about first hand accounts of incredible miraculous financial miracles!

Think About It!


For anyone that struggles with the feelings that their life should be so much more than it is and they should have so much more!

Learn the science and the spiritual truths relating to creating the life you want through the thoughts and believes you have. Thoughts become things and you can change your life by thinking and attracting what you really want!

He Is I Am


For anyone that truly wants to live the Life Jesus Christ lived while on Earth and get to know the real Jesus so they can ge to know themselves better.

I wrote He Is I Am based on the scripture that says As He Is So Are We in this World!. I go into depths explaining what that means as well as teach about the I Am and how it relates to us!

Ten Things That Changed My Life


For anyone that wants a quick glimpse of the ten most important things that impacted my life and made lasting changes in my life!

I wrote this because I felt it was important to write and highlight the ten most important revelations truths and experiences I have had that made me who I am today!

No More Scars


For anyone that needs to find hope in overcoming the deep dark things in life that have tried to hold them back.

I wrote No More Scars to go deep and share the root issues in my life in hope that others will read it and it will help them to overcome. It was difficult to write and to remember and to relive some things but here it is! Someone once said that this book is both a Manual for mental and emotional things as well as a Prescription!

The Next Move of God
                The Transformation


'For anyone that has experienced trauma and set backs in life.

I wrote this book based on a deep trance like vision and spiritual quest that I went on. It is a workable 7 step plan for how to overcome life's deepest traumas that happen to us and the affects they have. I realized in my life these traumas had made me stuck and had become roots in my life. I give you the 7 steps I used to get unstuck and to overcome the Past!

God and Me 7 Steps to a Closer Walk


For anyone that needs to find a pratical way to become closer to God Jesus and Holy Spirit.

I wrote this follow up to God and Me based on a revelation God gave me when I began to go on "walks and talks" with Him. This one revelation changed my life and will change yours!

The Next Move of God

        Supernatural Transformation


For anyone that wants to stay on the cutting edge of what God is saying and to really have a major life transformation in every area.

I wrote this book as part of the Next Move of God Series because I sensed the Next Move of God would be a combination of Healing (inner, physical and miraculous) and Deliverence! I combine material from some other books and write new fresh content about how God is wanting to Transform Lives but in a Supernatural way!

Rebuilding Right Relationship

ISBN/EAN13: 1479144193 / 9781479144198

Micheal teaches you how to rebuild right relationship with God and to recapture the close intimate walk that you once had. He includes his own journey back to God and steps to take and includes your own prayer journal.