Healing Miracles

From my book Miracle Healing

I have witnessed more miracle healing than most of the people on the planet. That is not to boast, only to establish credibility with the facts I am about to present to you. In my meetings, this is not an irregular occurrence, but miracle healing occurs everywhere that I go. It has to because I expect it to. Many times while I am in prayer about the meeting, the Lord will show me what will take place already so I go into the meeting knowing, then I just act on what I know. I follow the Spirit and I do what He shows me. This is what it means to be Spirit-led.I tell people, that I am Word based and Spirit led and this is true. A miracle " healing " consists of disease related issues in the body.

A "creative miracle" on the other hand, which I will list on another page consists of bones, muscle, organs and limbs. Also included are deafness, blindness, cripple and lame etc...and the time my cat got ran over and died and I prayed over it late at night and it disappeared for 3 days then came back perfectly normal 3 days later. I have both happen in my meetings. People often ask me about the greatest miracle I have seen. While it is not the most amazing thing I have seen it always stands out to me because a whole family was involved. This was in the first church I preached in while with the Harfouche's . It was a family, a Mother , a Father, a Daughter, and a Son. The Mother had a cast on her left leg. After prayer her husband recognized she was walking normal. She took her cast off and all her broke leg was no longer broken and the black and blue and swelling was gone. Her leg was normal. The Father had so much pain is his back he could not bend over and he got healed instantly. The daughter got healed from really bad life threatening asthma which plagued her for years. The son, and this is really cool, had tubes in his ears. They were supposed to be there one year, but his had been there for 7 years and had become part of his ear. He was scheduled for surgery the next day which would have cost $20,000. As I am preaching the Mother notices something on her dress. As she picks it up she realizes that both tubes had come out on their own as her son lay on her lap. These are all instant miracles, which are about 95% of what I see. The other 5% heal as they go on their way. I have thousands of miracle healing stories like this.