Intimacy with God Jesus Holy Spirit

From my book "Rebuilding Right Relationship Through Friendship with God"

My real vision is to bring people into a revelation of friendship with God which is what I believe to be the highest level of intimacy in the Bible. I was going through a challenging time and had already experienced many signs wonders miracles and appeared on Sid Roth It's Supernatural when God spoke this revelation for the next phase of my life and birthed The Next Move of God in me!


Here are 5 characteristics of true friendship:

• Unconditional love. Regardless of what you do, what happens, or where life takes you, a true friend loves at all times.
• Unwavering support. You don’t have to do the "right things" to keep a true friend. They support you (if not in actions as a person) whatever you choose to do.
• Willingness to challenge. A true friendship makes you better. The Bible says "iron sharpens iron". True friends will correct you if needed.
• Consistent over time. True friendships aren’t for a season. They are for a lifetime.
• Gives grace freely and generously. True friendship weather the sometime difficulties of relationships, forgive where needed, and love even when it hurts.

Centered around all of these things is trust and communication.